House of Dreams

  Permanent Outdoor Installation, Cheongju , Korea. 2018

  My Hometown

  Cheongju, Korea  2018

  My Dream Career

  Gyeonggi-do, Korea  2018

  Memorial Garden

  Permanent Outdoor Installation, Suncheon, Korea  2018

  Things I Know

  ARKO, Seoul, Korea,  2017

  Moon Jars

  National Gallery of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria,   2017



  National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea   2017


  Floating Dreams

  Thames Festival 2016, London, ,UK  2016



  Picture Book Library, Sun Cheon, Korea  2016


  Going Home/Arirang

  Odu Mountain Unification observatory, Paju, Korea    2016


  The Bridge of Dream

  Suncheon Bay Garden EXPO2013, SunCheon, ,Korea  2013


  Things I know

  Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  2012


  Things I know 2012

  Special Project for Industrial Bank of Korea, Seoul, Korea 2012


  Rivers and Mountains Embroidered on Silk

  Gyunggido Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea 2011


  Ik-Joong Kang vs Ik-Joong Kang,

  Posco Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2011


  Baram eu ro suk ee go ddang eu ro ee eur ji go, STX Corporation

  Art in Factory, Gyunggido Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea 2011


  Moon Jars

  Gyunggido Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea 2011


  Baram eu ro suk ee go ddang eu ro ee eur ji go

  Gyeonggi Childrens Museum, Youngin, Korea 2011


  Works in the Open Air,

  Gyunggido Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea 2010


  Ik-Joong Kang Mountain / Wind

  Alexander Ochs Gallery, Beijing, China 2010


  Moon is the Oldest Clock, National Museum of Contemporary Arts

   Seoul, Korea 2010


 Things I Know, Special Project for Korean pavilion In Sanghai Expo

 Shanghai, China 2010


  Ik-Joong Kang

  Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 201


  Wall of Hope, Special Project for Seoul Asan Childrens Hospitall

  Seoul. Korea 2010


  Wall of Hope, Special Project for Chungnam National University

  Childrens Hospital. Daejeon. Korea 2010


  Moon Jars, Neuffer am Park, Pirmasens, Germany



  Mingled by the Wind. Joined by the Earth

  Yeomiji Art Project, Jeju, Korea 2009


  Multiple/Dialogue (Nam June Paik / Ik-Joong Kang)

  National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea 2009


  Wall of Hope (with 50,000 South Korean Children)

  Gyungkido Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea 2008


  Mountain / Wind . supported by  Korean Government

  Gwang Hwa gate, Seoul, Korea 2007


  Moon of Dream 2, Te Hwa River, Ulsan, Korea



  Small Pieces for Peace. G8 Summit meeting Project

  Heiligendamm, Germany 2007


 Amazed World (Hope & Dream), Muhammad Ali Center,

  Louisville, KY  2005


 Moon of Dream (126,000 Children's Drawings from 141 Countries)

 Ho Su Park, Il San, Korea  2004


 Gwang Ju Biennale, Citiy Museum, Kwang Ju, Korea



  Buddha with Lucky Objects 2004, Speed Museum, Louisville, KY



  Happy World, 2004 Princeton Public Library , NJ



  Happy Relief and other works, Hutchins Gallery,

  Long Island University, Long Island, NY  2003


  Buddha with Lucky Objects, Buenos Aires International Biennale

  Buenos Aires, Argentina  2002


  Bridges - Interspaces - Sky, Pruess and Ochs Gallery

  Berlin, Germany 2002


  Cologne Pagoda & Other Works, Pruess and Ochs Gallery

  Berlin, Germany  2002


  Amazed World (38,000 children's drawings from 135 countries)

  United Nations, New York, NY  2002


  Think Rice, 19 Nations 70 Artists, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea



  Amazed World (34,000 children's drawings from 135 countries)

  United Nations, New York, NY  2001


  Cologne Pagoda, Neuerwerbungegn aus der sammiumg ludwig

  Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany  2001


  Enter the Heaven, Asian Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany



  Enter the Heaven, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea



  Buddha Learning English, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany



  Gateway (permanent installation),

  San Francisco International Airport, CA  2000


  Happy World, Public Project for Queens vocational school,

  Queens, NY  1999


  100,000 Dreams, Pa Ju Unification Park, Korea



  8490 Days of Memory, Depaul Univ. Art Gallery, Chicago, IL



  World is on My Hand, National Museum of Contemporary Art,

  Kwachon, Korea  1999


  Happy World, MTA Flushing Main st. station, NY



  Where I am, Galeria Municipal Da Mitra, Lisbon, Portugal



  Notes Across Asia, Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany



  Throw Everything Together and Add, Venice Biennale,

  Korean Pavilion, Venice, Italy  1997


  Happy Relief, Setagaya Museum, Tokyo, Japan



  America Landing, Kwang Ju Biennale, Kwang Ju, Korea



  English Garden, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia Beech, VA



  8490 Days of Memory, Whitney Museum of American Art

  at Philip Morris, New York, NY  1996


  365 Days of English, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA



  Throw Everything Together and Add, Art Space,

  Cho Sun Il Bo Museum, Hak Ko Jae, Seoul, Korea  1996


  Buddha Eating Chocolate, Leeds Metropolitan University,

  Leeds, England  1996


  Flying Painting, Kassel Documenta Park, Germany



  Multiple Dialogue, collaboration with Nam June Paik,

  Whitney Museum of American Art, Champion, CT  1994


  Throw Everything Together and Add, Cap Street Project,

  San Francisco, CA  1994


  English Learning Drawing at CUNY graduate center, NY



  3x3, Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY



  Chanting Buddha, Asian American Art Center, New York, NY



  More is More, Collaboration with Bing Lee, Amelie A. Wallace Gallery,

  SUNY, Old Westbury, NY  1991


  English Learning Painting, Gallery 400, Chicago, IL,



  First Experiment of sound painting,

  Bedford Stuyvesnat cultural center, NY  1990


  Uptown Downtown, City Gallery, New York, NY



  6,000 Paintings, Broadway window, New York, NY



  Everybody Think Oral Sex, Bronx River Gallery, bronx, NY



  One Month Living Performance, Two Two Raw Gallery,

  New York, NY  1986


  Flying Paintings, Openplatz, Kassel, Germany



  (for the cold wall) Korea Vs. Germany, West Berlin, Germany



  1,000 Paintings, Long lsland University, Brooklyn Campus,

  Brooklyn, NY  1985


  Started to Make 3 x 3 Paintings While Riding the Subway,

  Brooklyn, NY  1984


  Spring, Brooklyn, NY